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Golden Crescent Realty has a program that provides a discount or rebate to those in the Education, Healthcare, Military, Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighter professions when buying or selling a home. We call this program the GIVE BACK Program. Not only do we provide a discount, we have also partnered with lenders and other service providers that provide discounts as well. To be eligible for our program one simply has verify employment in one of the professions above. The discount will be provided at closing in the form of a credit toward closing costs when buying a home or a reduction in service fees when selling.

It is easy to get started. Just give one of our dedicated and qualified agents a call for a detailed presentation on how we can save you money on the purchase or sale of your home.

Give Back Program FAQ’s

The Give Back Program is intended to reward those in our community who go the extra mile to keep us safe, provide healthcare services, or educate our children. ANY employee working in the Health Care, Education, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, or Active Military professions qualify for this program. In addition, any person who is a Veteran of the Armed Services also qualifies.
Any employee who works for a school district qualifies for our Give Back Program. It takes a whole village to educate a child. You are part of that village.
The Give Back Program applies to anyone who meets the criteria above. Whether you are a buyer or seller does not matter. As a seller, you will receive tremendous savings by using a Golden Crescent Realty Agent.
Although we do not publish our service fees online, we will be happy to explain the details of the program and the savings you could receive by being part of our program. Golden Crescent Realty has partnered with other lenders and home inspectors who will also provide a savings to you.
The Golden Crescent Realty Team is eager and excited about assisting you with the sale or purchase of a home. Give our agents a call at 361-433-0520 to get started.

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